SOPHOS Webserver Protection pour XGS 3100 pour 36 mois

- Web Server Protection Reverse proxy
- URL hardening engine with deep-linking and directory traversal prevention
- Form hardening engine
- SQL injection protection
- Cross-site scripting protection
- Dual-antivirus engines (Sophos and Avira)
- HTTPS (TLS/SSL) encryption offloading
- Cookie signing with digital signatures
- Path-based routing
- Outlook anywhere protocol support
- Reverse authentication (offloading) for form-based and basic authentication for server access
- Virtual server and physical server abstraction
- Integrated load balancer spreads visitors across multiple servers Skip individual checks in a granular fashion as required
- Match requests from source networks or specified target URLs Support for logical and/or operators
- Assists compatibility with various configurations and non-standard deployments
- Options to change web application firewall performance parameters
- Scan size limit option
- Allow/Block IP ranges
- Wildcard support for server paths and domains,
- Automatically append a prefix/suffix for authentication

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